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Without Further A Do 

I got my discs yesterday, my album "The Onset" I sold 10 copies today and in listening to the compact disc I hear how far I've come as an artist since I recorded most the songs roughly 2 years ago.  The biggest impact on my freelancing music career aside from equipment has been doing live shows.  In doing live shows I've understood the goal of a musician is to move an audience and sometimes, often times less is more.  Anyways I slabbed this together in 15 minutes tonight cuz I was feeling good seeing some green backs go in my wallet from music, music the same thing I was repeatedly warned by local "musicians" when I started this journey a couple years ago, "you can not make money today in music."  Money, the one thing every "musician" swears they don't care about yet aren't true enough to admit they aren't creative enough to make.  lol.  I can't upload the track because it's not in mp3 form whoops...my bad.  If interested in it check out my facebook page, it's called "the Kill Point" and Soundclouders are digging it, yeah the 15 minute job...

What makes me tick Podcast

I've been out the office for a couple weeks, enjoying the nice spring weather we've been getting.  Most of my days I've been running 8-12 miles and on off days attending cycling classes at the local gym getting in an hour session a couple times a week.  After that as the day unfolds, all bets are off except I'll probably get a nap in and make a run to Fed Ex and/or the post office.  Recording music not so much, writing not really...too tired.  What else is there?  Who cares when you can run 11 miles in 70 minutes because that's what I do and that is with some good hills.  I didn't want to have to rub it in but needed to make my point.

I'm thinking maybe of adding a nutrition page to this site because my diet is fierce and what goes into a person body is more important than anything else they can do for themselves.  Anyways I'm also gonna be needing a donation button since this site is set to expire in 5 days unless I cough up some cheddar, which I will for a couple months.  

Why I'm writing tonight is because I listened to this recording tonight and it's neat hearing because I wrote it and recorded it within an hour of listening to a beat for the first time in a few weeks a couple months ago.  It's the exact same activity I'm going to do now, listen to a beat with a pen in my hand for the first time in weeks.

I never considered good joo joo to be bad.
  1. Smoke and Ride

Today I enjoy the Struggle for making me Stronger Tomorrow Podcast

It has not happened once in these last 5 years, that the obstacle in my way at the time once it was behind me didn't actually succeed in helping me to glide forward effortlessly in a similar situation I could see others struggling through.  It feels good that my pain might be my greatest asset.  To stay at this level I can't become a victim or feel comfortable in self pity.  "This to Shall Pass" is true so why not put it to use.  This song "On the Rise" is on my upcoming CD entitled, "The Onset" out Thursday and this is one of my first recorded songs from 2 years ago.  I wrote it right when I got back home here to my apartment after being shunned from every single conversation I entered at a Recovery event.  
  1. On the Rise


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